Our brothers take great pride in their academic endeavors and strive to facilitate a productive work environment. The chapter house offers many resources to academically support brothers, including:

  • Library for quiet reading space
  • Study with two iMacs, a conference table and a projector for group studying
  • Rooms equipped with ethernet and high-speed wireless internet
  • Printers on all occupied floors

In addition to these resources, older brothers frequently hold review sessions for new members and younger brothers as they prepare for exams and learn how to best prepare themselves for the academic rigor of MIT. All members of Chi Phi actively strive to work past the horizon of grade reports and focus on cultivating genuine curiosity and academic inquiry.

The discipline and passion of Chi Phi doesn’t stop in the classroom; our brothers excel in a myriad of extra-curricular arenas from Amphibious Achievement to a student-run investment fund. The house consistently makes an effort to be involved on campus, with brothers recently holding positions such as President of the Undergraduate Association, the Chief Fundraiser for the MIT $100K Business Plan competition, and five Class Ring Committee chairs in the past six years.

Outside of academics and extracurriculars, our brothers also enjoy the active social scene at Chi Phi. The house hosts formals, open parties, and smaller mixers throughout the semester and maintains relationships with sororities and societies at both MIT and colleges in the surrounding area.

The alumni of the Beta Chapter continue to participate in house life and operation well after commencement. Our dedicated chapter alumni association, The Beta Foundation, assists the active members in day-to-day running and upkeep of 32 Hereford. The Beta Foundation has recently sponsored the restoration of both the exterior of the house and aging music room which will be completed in fall 2015. In addition, alumni of all ages return to the house in February for the annual Initiation Banquet to welcome our new members into the house.